I’m a Garage Tesla Trailblazer
Andrei Papiashvili, 11 years old
For me, GARAGE TESLA is a place where you can do what you want, where you are never bored, and where you have friends. I had something to do with its creation because everything there was tested on me. You could say I’m a pioneer of "Garage.
My all-time favourites are the filmmaking classes. I think it’s both a livelihood and a pleasure. I used to be afraid that the reviews I made would be irrelevant or cause abuse, but now I have no fear. Margarita has taught me how to choose topics, write scripts for each story, make storyboards and edit. It’s much cooler than just filming without preparation.

We created a big parody of "REN TV", the program "Eagle and Tails", the blogger A4. We presented each of our projects to our parents. Today I’m scheduled to shoot a short story on a video game in which you have to create teams, build everything, live, and then figure out what to do when it becomes known that a meteorite falls.
My dream is to create an animated film about a company of 11 guys who live in New York City, seven in one house, and four in another. They communicate with each other by means of special devices on collars, like the ones shown in the Disney cartoon "Up". All in all, it’s a story of friends. Maybe it will be a TV series.
I dream of making an animated film about guys from New York.
For the last year I have been living in Torrevieja, and now I communicate with my friends from Yerevan only remotely, watching what’s new with them on Telegram. I have new friends from school here, I want to make a video with them about a sheriff doing a typical investigation about a child theft by an evil man. But first, we have to come up with an ending.