Garage Told Me Where I Could Grow
Savely, 16 years old
I went to the Garage Tesla children’s camp with my brother in 2021. It was held in Dilijan and differed from other children’s camps I went to by its special atmosphere and individual approach to children. Perhaps because the squads there are small, and the overall plan of the shift can be adjusted depending on the mood, on the preferences of the children. This greatly improves the final result and impressions.
Last spring Anastasia Tyurina, the founder of Garage, offered me the chance to be a counsellor at the next summer session. I can tell you that there is a big difference between being a participant and being a guide. In the first one, you have one task — to relax, while in the second one, you are responsible for what’s going on. I had about 10 kids in my troop who were 10 to 12 years old. I was responsible for keeping them busy and planning activities during the day as part of the overall schedule.

The first days, of course, were hard, a lot of new and unknown, but the more I got into it, the easier and more interesting it became. I specialized in programming and creating computer games, at the end of the shift, my guys created two projects in this area and presented them to their parents. One boy didn’t stop there and continued to develop his game. I think it’s very cool!
I realized that i wanted to connect my life with running a computer game studio as a business
For me, it turned out to be a very cool experience teaching programming. At the same time I realized that I did not want to tie my life to programming as such, but to run a computer games studio as a business. It was Anastasia who gave me a direction in which I could move. When I came to Garage, I only had the idea of setting up my own business; now we have eight people in our team. Some live in Russia, some in Kazakhstan, and some in Finland. Some of the guys are already studying at university.
I’m studying at a school in Ireland this year. We have three projects in the release on the Yandex. Games platform, with a total of 6,000 players. To promote the studio, I run a YouTube blog and a Telegram channel. There are different audiences there and different returns. We make a small amount of money, so far it’s more of a hobby, which I hope will grow into a business.