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July, 5th -14th / July 18th - 27th, 2021
Age: 8 - 15 years
Central School of Dilijan;
Mountains and Surfing in Sevan Lake.
GARAGE TESLA: International Summer Camp
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International Summer Camp
It’s time to explore new exciting jobs
  • Design & Art
  • Digital Media
  • Robotics
  • 3D Modeling
  • Programming
  • Start-ups launching
  • Surfing and other water sports
  • Survival course

Working on projects in international teams in 3 different languages.

Why do kids love GARAGE TESLA?

Because here you always feel like a winner!

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July 5th - 14th / July 18th - 27th, 2021


Price = participation + accomodation

Participation: 21 900 RUB

Accommodaiton: 10 500 RUB


Price = participation + accomodation

Participation: 2 900 RUB

Accommodaiton: 1 050 RUB

Bonus for parents: Individual tours to visit Armenia, yoga, workshops.
Every evening: a concert performed by the kids.

What is included in the price?
Workshops from the top experts in the digital industry
A healthy diet, 5 meals a day, cooking workshops
Constant support and supervision by our support team

Workshops and active English practice during the studying process
Exciting experience of mountain climbing and a survival course
Cool shows, concerts and project presentations created and performed by kids

Comfortable conditions, a highly developed school, and total safety
Accommodation at Daravand Guest House
Unforgettable experience of facing your fears and and completing a surfing course at Sevan Lake
Founders of GARAGE TESLA
Anastasya Tyurina

Manager of the programmes GARAGE TESLA

Nowadays, children have plenty of choices in the fields of entertainment and education, which sometimes makes it hard for their parents to come up with new engaging activities that would interest them.

GARAGE TESLA will open a new world for you. The world in which you can create your own movies and even get a reward for them from the jury of the Cannes Film Festival.

We have created a team of the best experts in the fields of digital media, design, science, and sports. Every day, our kids will be working on real projects together with professionals because this is how they can start loving their future career choices and using a more deliberate approach when it comes to making decisions in the future.

Let’s create the best summer of your childhood together!

Alyona Konnova

Creative director of our programmes

Can you teach someone how to feel and create beauty?
Definitely yes because we all have feelings of beauty and love in our hearts and minds.

When coming to our classes, a lot of students start by saying that they cannot draw. Later, after only a couple of hours of work, they create a beautiful piece of art. It can be a cool t-shirt with an individual design or a daring skirt.

The most important part for us is to let children express their feelings and emotions at the exact point in time, help them feel the drive of the creating process, and show their results. We as adults simply have to share some life hacks and inspire the kids because each of us has the talent to be a designer!
FAQ for parents
How are COVID-19 restrictions followed at GARAGE TESLA?
Our administration, team members, and other staff members at GARAGE TESLA are precisely tracking the health condition of themselves and every kid at the camp. To do that, we have all the necessary medical supplies. In GARAGE TESLA, there is also a certified doctor, who is always available.
When arriving at the camp, every child has to present a negative PCR test result received not earlier than 72 hours before arrival.
What documents are required to go to the camp?
For children traveling alone: passport, signed parental consent from both parents, a negative COVID test result received not earlier than 72 hours before arrival.
How is the food organized? Are there vegetarian options and options for children with allergies?
We are very attentive to providing our children with a healthy diet, as in Armenian culture, a friend is a person you have shared food with.
In Dilijan, there are 5 meals a day: breakfast, "fresh time" (fresh juices), lunch, a snack, and dinner.
We create our menu based on the medical condition and individual preferences of every child, taking into consideration the nutrition requirements for different age groups.
How is the arrival organized for children coming from abroad?
Children aged above 12 are allowed to travel alone with signed parental consent from both parents. We greet children at the airport in Yerevan upon arrival and accompany them during their stay with us until they board their flight back home.
For children aged up to 12, we organize small groups and order an accompanied minor service with the flying company for the flight.

How is the accommodation organized?
In Dilijan, accommodation is provided during the entire stay, and children live together in a house beside the school, where the activities take place daily.
Is it possible to stay in Armenia for a couple days after going to the camp?
We are always happy to show our children and their parents the beauty of Armenia, its culture, rich history, and magnificent nature. Together we can go mountain climbing or spend a day visiting Sevan Lake. For those who are interested, we provide an additional service of organizing individual and group programmes at your request. Additional costs for a 3-4 days tour will be around 10000 RUB.
How is teaching in 3 languages organized?
The workshops can be taught in 1 of 3 languages (Russian, English, Armenian), depending on which language the majority of children speaks. For children who do not speak the language of the majority, the workshop will be translated synchronically.
All project presentations, partly eventing concerts and text for international companies have to be performed in English for everyone to be able to practice their English speaking skills.
If my child speaks only his/her native language, how will he/she communicate with others?
Many children are surprised to figure out that they actually know enough English vocabulary to talk to their friends and efficiently use it when working on projects. This happens because words are only responsible for 20% of our communication.
In GARAGE TESLA, to overcome the challenges of international communication that can arise especially during the first days, members of our support team who speak 3 languages are always here for the kids to help them with translation and provide additional explanation, if anything remains unclear.
My child’s only interest is his/her computer. Will you be able to distract him/her from it?
At GARAGE TESLA, our rule is that we help children to find new hobbies and interests and make new friends with respect to personal boundaries. Even though our programme is focused a lot on digital technologies, it is not the only thing that is being covered in our camp. Often, computer geniuses figure out that they are also talented designers, composers, or directors. We aim to give our kids an opportunity to try out as many different activities as they would like.
My child is not very communicative and does not do sports. How will it be for him/her at the camp?
At GARAGE TESLA, we work with professionals, who know how to create an open and friendly environment for everyone. Besides that, members of our support team are university students who are only several years older than our children, and that makes it easier for kids to become friends with them and be more open and social.
Our main principle is to be a good example for kids and create a friendly, open, and comfortable environment for everyone. At GARAGE TESLA, children always get to choose. Do you want to do yoga, go running, or just stay outside with a book? It is up to you.
My child’s passionate about music. Will he/she be able to make use of his/her talent at the camp?
The programme at GARAGE TESLA is organized in a way that allows our kids to discover and develop their talents. For every member of our camp, we create an individual plan of personal development based on his/her areas of interest, hobbies, and requests. Thus, if your kid is passionate about music, he/she will definitely get a chance to apply and demonstrate it with us.
Are there any activities for parents at GARAGE TESLA?
Our team is a big fan of a co-learning format, when not only kids are learning from adults but when adults also learn from kids. When children see that their parents keep learning, even though they are adults, they understand that this is effective and necessary. Thus, we have prepared additional workshops for parents in cooking, handmade art, yoga, hiking, and surfing.
Your goal is to come up with your own summer adventure, and we will help you organize it.
Does a child need to bring his/her own devices to the camp? (iPads, laptops, etc.)
If a child constantly uses one of the devices, it is not necessary to take it away from him/her. We often underestimate the importance of technological devices, as they help children find trending content and later turn it into their own pieces of art. Who knows? Maybe, it will bring them to their favorite job in the future.
How can I pay?
Payment can be done online using one of the options below:
  • Through the bank account details of the company-organizator of GARAGE TESLA.
  • Through online bank transfer to the company-organizator of GARAGE TESLA via garagetesla.com

Payment details:

Full name of the organization: ООО «ГАРАЖ ТЕСЛА»
Account holder name։ Тюрина Анастасия Николаевна
Account type: Bank account

Account numbers for different currency:

Armenian dram: 2 050 422 376 641 001
US dollar: 2 050 422 376 641 020
Euro: 2 050 422 376 641 040
Russian ruble: 2 050 422 376 641 041
My child and I are interested in going to GARAGE TESLA. What's our next step?
Reserve your spot or leave a request at our website, and our manager will contact you within the next 3 hours.
We will discuss your child’s preferences, accommodation, and transfer. Based on your preferences, we will develop your individual plan at GARAGE TESLA.
The last step is to confirm your participation at GARAGE TESLA by signing an agreement and completing the payment.

Payment details
Full name of the organization:
Account holder name։ Tyurina Anastasya Nikolaevna
Table below: Bank account number/currency
Armenian dram
US dollar
Russian ruble
Contact information
Anastasya Tyurina
Cell: + 374 41 87 21 26
WhatsApp: +7 985 410 21 26
Telegram: @anastasya131
E-mail: [email protected]
Tatevik Avakian
Cell: +374 98 177 391
WhatsApp: +7 900 207 07 33
Telegram: @Tatev_Av
E-mail: [email protected]
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