International summer camp
Your best summer holidays with us!
Wake up your inner
Elon Musk!

We make your dreams come true:
From starting a blog to learning how to surf.
everything is possible:
Write your own scenario and make your first movie
Create your own design
Start a blog
Test your start-up idea
Climb a mountain top
In our team, professional mentors work together with young people from all around the world to create the best summer camp experience for you!
Educational directions
evel Up
New day -
new project
Do what you love
You are a part of a great team
Our mistakes help us win
Share your experience
Victory comes with perseverance

Guidelines for our residents:

In summer 2019, our son visited a summer camp Heroes School in Spain. What can I say? We could not expect to see such changes!
In Heroes School, he had tried many water sports, had become a more self-confident person, and most importantly, the language barrier when speaking English had disappeared! He started practicing the language more and more, and had enough vocabulary to express himself when talking to his friends! Now, it has become his motivation to improve his English speaking skills.
Polina Sukhanova, Vsevolod’s mother
JUNE 23RD - 29TH, 2021
Yerevan, Armenia
Where? The house of a famous Armenian writer, Harutyun Mkrtchyan, 3 minutes away from the Yerevan Cascade.

Age: 8 - 15 years

  • Design & Art
  • Digital Media
  • Robotics
  • Start-ups launching
  • Engaging science
  • Survival course

Out participants come from Russia, Armenia, the USA, Europe, CIS countries

Price per 7 days: 11 900 RUB

Price per 1 day: 2 000 RUB
JULY 5TH - 14TH, 2021
JULY 18TH - 27TH, 2021
Dilijan, Armenia 
Where? The Central School of Dilijan.
A delightful area surrounded by magical mountains and Sevan Lake.

Age: 8 - 15 years

  • Design & Art
  • Digital Media
  • Robotics
  • 3D Modeling
  • Programming
  • Start-ups launching
  • Surfing
  • Survival course

Our participants come from Russia, Armenia, the USA, Europe, CIS countries

Price per 10 days: 32 400 RUB

Price per 1 day: 3 9500 RUB

JUNE 14TH - 25TH, 2021
Disney Corp
Novosibirsk (Koltsovo), Russia
Where? Technopolis Lyceum,
The newest sports and technological center.

Age: 7-12 years

  • Design & Art
  • English with a native speaker
  • Programming
  • Start-ups launching
  • Climbing wall
  • Swimming pool
  • Yoga
  • Capoeira

Out participants come from Russia

Price per 12 days: 18 500 RUB

Price per half a day: 10 000 RUB

JULY 12 - 18, 2021
Digital Ninja
Kazan, Russia
Where? Kazan IT-Park.
The city center, next to the Kazan Kremlin, parks, and Kaban Lake.

Age: 9-17 years

  • Design & Art
  • Digital Media
  • AR/VR
  • 3D Modeling
  • Programming
  • Start-ups launching
  • Active games at the Kazan Kremlin

Our participants come from Russia, Armenia

Price per 7 days: 18 500 RUB
JULY 24TH - AUGUST 1ST, 2021
Digital Ninja
Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia
Where? Second IT platform at the park of high technological developments.

Age: 9-17 years

  • Design & Art
  • Digital Media
  • AR/VR
  • 3D Modeling
  • Programming
  • Start-up launching
  • An interactive game “Parallel worlds of the IT-park”

Our participants come from Russia, Armenia

Price per 9 days: 18 500 RUB
Manager of programmes at GARAGE TESLA,
Director of Digital Spring Agency, Armenia

Anastasya helps children at GARAGE TESLA to test their start-up ideas, to write scenarios and to organize concerts and other evening events.

The idea of starting GARAGE TESLA appeared a long time ago. Our first festivals related to technologies and applying creative approaches took place back in 2014 at Moscow Telegraph. Those events were very exciting to watch!
Hundreds of children were coming together with their parents to create their own robots or print out 3D models designed by them.

Today we are happy to expand the locations of GARAGE TESLA to multiple cities in Russia and Armenia. Our main goal is to create an environment in which children will get an opportunity to work on their dreams and feel independent and successful. Children from different parts of the world meet at GARAGE TESLA: USA, Europe, Russia, Armenia and other SIC countries.

The main courses at GARAGE TESLA are taught by experts of the digital industry, professional designers, musicians and engineers, and our support team is always here for kids to help them with creating their projects and presenting them. So, step by step, together we increase confidence in their abilities and create an understanding of which career paths attract them the most.

Since I was a kid, I enjoyed the processes of engineering and creating new things. Now, it makes me genuinely happy to see my students bring their ideas to life. My main goal is to share my love for the process of creating new things with them and make this process safe for everybody. For the rest of the process, I am letting my students be creative and free in their ideas without any interventions.

Engineering is one of the ways to understand how our world functions, and this is magic to see how inventive children can be when it comes to engineering. This is a very natural process: Children are not prejudiced, unlike the majority of grown ups, and thus, there are no boundaries for their creativity.

Our GARAGE TESLA team has years of experience in educational and practical work in the IT industry, engineering, and teaching, and we keep gaining new experience every day. One of the greatest parts of gaining experience for us has always been communicating with children, as we always learn a lot from them.

For me, it has always been a pleasure to create new things together with children! For more than 10 years, I have been working with kids, and I am sure that each of them is capable of doing a lot of things.

We take part in hackathons, create open educational spaces, IT-related spaces in the STEM format, workshops, and design studios. Besides that, we organize engineering festivals and educational events, both online and offline.

A hybrid format of communication provides us with a lot more opportunities. We can have meetings online or face-to-face and create individual plans for further personal development for children. We will meet up all together in our co-learning spaces to take part in the most exciting events and competitions remotely. Now, children from all around the world can come together to create! What can be better? Especially in summer, when kids are seeking new emotions, friends, adventures, and happiness! And we want to make their dreams come true.

At GARAGE TESLA, children will not only believe in themselves but also will travel to the future, learn how to create their first start-up, and present it to a big audience. Meeting significant people at GARAGE TESLA will change their lives! No matter how far you live, the most important parts are always what you believe in and what you are willing to achieve in life.

Learning process at GARAGE TESLA
In GARAGE TESLA, children learn not only from adults but from each other, and help us, adults, learn from them.
June 6, 14:00 (Yerevan)
Host: Anastasya Tyurina, founder of GARAGE TESLA

Live videos available on Facebook, Instagram.
Free participation.
Start: 14:00 (Yerevan).

Art of being a blogger, or how to become a new Pushkin of your generation
Founders of GARAGE TESLA
Anastasya Tyurina
Manager of the programmes GARAGE TESLA, Novosibirsk

Sergey Salnikov
Manager of the programmes GARAGE TESLA, Kazan

Olga Melnikova
In GARAGE TESLA, we solve concrete problems, create real projects, and try to achieve results with a limited amount of sources available. Everything happens here as in real life!
Project-focused education
For the learning process to be of high quality, we have to be passionate about what we are doing. Thus, we always try to make children curious about their projects, and help them make their dreams come true.
Following your interests
Our guests:

Arthur In Yan, TikTok blogger (2.7 mil followers)
Maria Chandiryan, Instagram influencer (154k followers)

FAQ for parents
What is the idea of GARAGE TESLA?
When working on our educational programme, we base it on the principle of free communication with children. Remember, how when we were kids, our grandfathers always had a set of different tools, and we could always try making something ourselves. The same happens in GARAGE TESLA. The main rule for adults is to provide safety for children and let them be as creative as possible.

The abbreviation TESLA stays for our main values and the essence of our educational programmes. We learn how to use technologies, how to think as an entrepreneur, how sciences can be engaging, how to work in teams, and give an opportunity to always stay artistic.

How is GARAGE TESLA different from other summer camps?
Together with kids, we aim to create the best summer of their childhood and help them make their dreams come true. Some learn how to write scenarios and take part in comedy shows, others go mountain hiking with us for the first time. We are sure that there is always a way to make any dream come true if only we are creative and passionate about finding our way.

We create individual programmes for skills development in order to achieve new results every day: a new project, created movie. What is also important for kids is to be appreciated by their friends, families, and other significant adults. By being appreciated, children learn to be strong and confident in what they are doing.

How are COVID-19 restrictions followed at GARAGE TESLA?
Our administration, team members, and other staff members at GARAGE TESLA are precisely tracking their own health and the health of every kid at the camp. To do that, we have all the necessary medical supplies. In GARAGE TESLA, there is also a certified doctor, who is always available.

When arriving at the camp, every child has to present a negative PCR test result received not earlier than 72 hours before arrival.
How is the arrival organized for children coming from abroad?
Children aged above 12 are allowed to travel alone with a signed parental consent from both parents. We greet children at the airport in Yerevan upon arrival and accompany them during their stay with us until the boarding on their flight back home.

For children aged up to 12, we organize small groups and order an accompanied minor service with the flying company for the flight.
How is the accommodation organized?
In Yerevan, the activities are organized throughout the day, with children coming in the morning and leaving in the evening. For those who are not from Yerevan, we provide an additional paid service of organizing accommodation, transport, and food for a child during his/her stay at Yerevan. Accommodation costs start from 600 RUB per day, depending on the type of accommodation.
In Dilijan, accommodation is provided during the entire stay, and children live together in a house beside the school, where the activities take place daily.
How is the food organized? Are there vegetarian options and options for children with allergies?
We are very attentive to providing our children with a healthy diet, as in Armenian culture, a friend is a person you have shared food with.

In Yerevan, there are 3 meals a day: light second breakfast, lunch, and a snack. It is expected that children have their main breakfast and dinner at home.
In Dilijan, there are 5 meals a day: breakfast, "fresh time" (fresh juices), lunch, a snack, and dinner.

We create our menu based on the medical condition and individual preferences of every child, taking into consideration the nutrition requirements for different age groups.
What does a daily schedule look like?
At GARAGE TESLA, we start our day with some physical activities and morning yoga. Then, children work in teams of 10-12 people based on their interests. During the day, children have classes and workshops with our mentors and work on their own projects with mentors’ help. In the evening, every team presents their results and discusses the insights of the day.
How many children are going to be in the camp? How is it organized?
We value the freedom of every member at our camp. Thus, we organize small teams of 10-15 people to work together. The overall number of residents at GARAGE TESLA depends on the capacity of a chosen place and varies between 25-60 people.
Who are the mentors at GARAGE TESLA?
The workshops are given by our mentors, who are experts in the IT industry, designers, and teachers. The main goals are to make kids interested in what they are doing and to set inspiring goals for them every day. Besides that, each mentor explains to the kids how to use certain tools and demonstrates the skills that will be necessary to create a project the team will be working on during the day.
What is a support team at GARAGE TESLA?
The main goal for our support team is to always be a good friend and a good example for the kids and always be there for them.

We carefully choose members for the support team and teach them how to communicate with children and teenagers, depending on specific psychological characteristics of different age groups and how to efficiently deal with challenging situations. Many members are students of the top universities in the world, speak foreign languages, and are passionate about digital technologies.
It is relevant for us that our children have an opportunity to freely communicate with young people, students of the top universities who can help them to learn more about the world of university life and share their experiences.

Can parents visit their kids?
Every evening we organize events, where kids present the projects that they have been working on during the day. Parents can attend these events, as this is a good opportunity to give feedback and build stronger bonds with your kids.
Are there any activities for parents at GARAGE TESLA?
Our team is a big fan of a colearning format, when not only kids are learning from adults but when adults also learn from kids. When children see their parents keep learning, even though they are adults, they understand that this is an effective way of learning. Thus, we have prepared additional workshops for parents about cooking, handmade art, yoga tours, hiking and surfing.

Your goal is to come up with your own summer adventure, and we will help you organize it.

Does a child need to bring his/her own devices to the camp? (ipads, laptops, etc.)
If a child constantly uses one of the devices, it is not necessary to take it away from him/her. We often underestimate the importance of technological devices, as they help children find trending content and later turn it into their own pieces of art. Who knows? Maybe, it will become their favorite job in the future.
How can I pay?
Payment can be done online using one of the options below:
  • Through the bank account details of the company-organizator of GARAGE TESLA.
  • Through online bank transfer to the company-organizator of GARAGE TESLA via
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Sergey Salnikov
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Kazan (Russia)
Olga Melnikova
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