With Yaroslav Blokhin
6-time World Champion kickboxer
for all ages
On the Alicante coast
August 1 — 10, 2019
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Have you ever wanted to land on an uninhabited island?
Or be in the middle of a pirate adventure?
      • School of Heroes is not just for kids — it's for parents as well. Our families are our team in life.
      • Our partners in the School of Heroes are professional martial arts, aquatic sports, and fitness instructors.
      • The difficulty of the challenges set by the instructors will be based on the participants' ages and fitness.
      School of Heroes opens new facets in parent/child relationships.

      School of Heroes is headed by its creator — Yaroslav Blokhin, 6-time kickboxing world champion.
      SCHOOL OF HEROES: New season 2018
      Camp program includes:
      • Interactive English and Spanish lessons
      • Constant communication with participants from different European countries
      • Training sessions with native speakers using the communicative method

      • Martial arts training
      • Development of strength and endurance
      • Aquatic sports: sailing, canoeing, surfing
      • Team multi-sport races
      Survival courses
      • Orienteering and marine navigation lessons
      • Mountaineering
      • Wilderness survival
      • Training session on an uninhabited island

      Cultural immersion
      • Spy Academy assignments
      • Soft Power practice
      • Creation of short films
      Cost: €980

      Reserve your trip to the

      School of Heroes

      before March 15 and save €100
      What's included:
      Accomodations in environmentally friendly 4-6 person bungalows
      Martial arts training with Yaroslav Blokhin
      Non-stop support and supervision from professional camp staff
      4 meals a day
      Plenty of fruits and vegetables
      24 hour security
      Tatiana Erakhtina
      Director of the Russian Educational Center,
      School №1, Alicante, Spain
      Children's dreams are powerful and bright! Remember, how easy it was to dream when you were a kid? And how great it was when your parents picked up on it and gave you the very thing that you spent all year dreaming about?
      We've been conducting programs for kids for 20 years. Our top priority is to create a happy, nourishing environment, so that everyone could gain confidence in themselves, make new friends, and learn useful skills.
      This year, all of camp sessions will be dedicated to fulfilling our campers' fondest dreams!
      Anastasia Turina
      Program Director
      "What would make your Summer the best ever?"
      We posed this question to thousands of children and parents in different countries.
      Today's children have a huge selection of recreational and learning programs to choose from, so it can be difficult for parents to find something that excites and engages them.
      In this camp, children will discover a new world, with its own art and cinema, aquatic sports, and friends from tens of countries. They will even train with a World Champion.
      How do you see your kids' future?
      Sofia Alikina
      Sales Manager
      We were all kids once, and some of our dreams did not come true. Now we have a chance to return, for a little while, to that joyful time, so that we can happily greet the day with our kids. Because every day, we make our fondest dreams come true: we animate cartoons, race in regattas, put on plays. This is what Summer is supposed to be!
      In our camp, kids receive a boost that helps them start their school year motivated and confident, because they'll know that all dreams can be fulfilled with effort and planning.
      Our contacts:
      Moscow:+7 926 653 60 61
      Armenia: +374 41 87 21 26
      WhatsApp: +7 985 410 21 26
      [email protected]
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