Summer camps
Our summer sessions are a combination of traditional kids' recreation with an engaging project program. Our campers undertake a journey from discussing an idea with their mentors to implementing it.
Our project mentors support the kids' plans, inspire and share their knowledge. Using different games and activities, we help form ideas and find ways to realize them.
This is a unique time to meet new friends, acquire new skills, realize your dreams, journey around Italy, learn a new language and culture.
Summer camp in Italy?
July 16 – 28,

Teamwork and synergy are becoming the driving force behind modern architecture. Successful projects aren't created alone — they're always the work of a team.
  • Find out what Italian architecture is known for and how it progressed, find a knight's castle and a princess's tower
  • Create city plans for the medieval towns around Lake Garda and see an architect's work in action
  • Plan your own city with the perfect quality of life
  • Build a treehouse according to your own blueprints and ideas
  • Restore antiques
  • Work as project engineers, architects, designers, and builders
  • Build out of linen, hay, plastic bottles, and learn how innovative tech is applied in architecture
  • Draw, mold things out of clay, do anything and everything else that you can think of
July 29 – August 10, 2019

One of the goals of the project session is to create external and internal connections: communication, unity, cohesion, and development.
  • Propose, plan, and build a dream project
  • Create mixed-media art objects
  • Plan and organize parties, exhibitions, and meetups
  • Create unconventional musical instruments and unlock hidden musical talents
  • Open a pizzeria or gelateria, do tastings and get expert feedback from Italian chefs
  • Try being a fashion designer, find out the secrets of Italian fabrics and create building materials out of them
  • Create presentations and speeches in English and Italian
  • Host Italian friends and listen to their stories of life and art in their country


Cost: €1240
What's included: Room and board, session program, excursions,
mentor staff, visa support.

Additional costs: Flights to Verona or Milan, airport transfer,
travel insurance, visa if required.
Desenzano del Garda
Scuole Rogazionisti — private school on the Lake Garda waterfront
Accomodations in 4-person apartments with all the conveniences

3 delicious traditional Italian meals a day

Beautiful, spacious private grounds for session activities
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